Case Studies

Beneficiary of Enterprise Development program

Name:  Kalaiyarasi
Age : 32
Children : one son and one daughter
Education:10th Grade
Business: Tailoring and Garment production
Loan: Rs. 15,000

Kalaiyarasi was in the position to take care of her family as her husband met an accident and become disable. She was unable to meet her family needs and their life was definitely tough one. In this situation Kalaiyarasi joined the Oazone’s Micro credit program and she was very eager to attend the tailoring and garment production training conducted by Oazoane. She joined the training program and  successfully completed. After that Kalaiyarasi got a business loan from Oazaone and owned a sewing machine as she knew how to sew and she started her tailoring business in his place.  For Kalaiyarasi repaying the loan was easy, she paid off the 36 week loan in only 30 weeks. She didn’t have an income before the loan and now she make Rs. 1,500 per week. She want to take another Microfinance loan to extend her business unit because it allows her to help others by providing employment to them. The women who work in my business unit are able to support their families with their salary.  As her business unit extends, she began to get contract work from a tailoring shop from the Main Bazaar. In the morning the shop would drop off garments to be tailored and they return at night to pick p the finished garments. Now the business is so going well and that Kalaiyarasi able to take care of her family and she pay her son’s school fees and  she also purchased her daughter’s school uniform and school supplies, she is doing her studies in Private School now.  She not only take care of her family but also gained personal confidence through earning and spending money on her own.  Through this business she learned to manage money, pay her workers, and communicate with the tailoring company that she work with. She keep accounts on her workers about production and salary.