Chairman's Message

OAZOANE is working towards the The World Bank’s Mission is to reduce poverty and to improve the living standards through sustainable growth and development of the rural people in every dimensions of life. In our country , poverty has been the major road block on growth and development of the rural people. Poverty has affected all the dimensions of the society irrespectively.  The majority of our Indian population are affected deeply by this problem.  One set of population becoming more and more rich; and another set of population becoming more and more poor.  Inflation has been the major concern at all levels. 

In a country like India, where almost 70% of the population depends on the rural agriculture sector.  It is appealing to observe that sustainable farming is gradually disappearing with the so called rapid industrialization, posing severe threat to food security while the industrial development is quite visible in the country, on the contrary farming is not becoming sustainable and as a result the lands are kept idle for years.  The increasing needs as a effect of globalization, mismatch with the affordability of rural poor, thus pushing them to an extreme poverty condition.  Affordability for personal and domestic needs, both at higher level and middle levels are drastically increasing with globalization policy and western impact.   OAZOANE has been addressing alleviating poverty among the poor marginalized and vulnerable by its development activities and micro credit program. The mission is to fight against poverty and improve the living standards of people in the society by improving their social and economic status. As a development institution,  we provides microcredit, guidance, technical assistance and knowledge sharing services for the welfare of low and middle income people to improve their living conditions and make them self sufficient, self-reliant and self-decisive.