Legal Status

Date of Establishment 07.07.1989.
Legal Status Registered under section 10 of the Tamil Nadu Societies. Registration Act 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975)
Date of Registration 1609.1989.
Registration Number 20/89
FCRA No. 076050024
I.T. Exemption details Exemption Under Section 80-G & 12AA under the Income tax Act 31.07.01.


  • OAZOANE   strongly believes in change for generating mass revaluations through the empowerment of the grass root   groups.
  • To create integral development of human abilities and environment way for development action of Gross root in rural area.
  • To identify the rural folk problems and to prepare action plan to solve the problem.
  • To motivate the people to participate in economic oriented programmed employment generation, in the conservation of eco-system and environment management
  • To arrange leader ship courses, seminars, Group discussions, Awareness sessions, Public meetings and Cultural Program action of Project.
  • To arrange health hygiene programs for rural peoples.
  • To motivate the SHGs & Making awareness about Human rights.
  • Providing the women with the micro credit inputs.