Livelihood Program for Rural Women

The Sustainable Rural Livelihood Programme (SRLP) has been in implemented in our area of operation with a overall objective to achieve poverty reduction and improved quality of life of socially excluded and marginalised people in a gender sensitive andenvironmentally sustainable way. Women and children are major target groups of this project covering about 1000 families and 10,000 populations.

This is a typical community development project with integrated nature, which was developed, and being implemented by OAZOANE since  2001. The SRLP has mainly five components.

  • Enhanced level of awareness, education and skill improvement
  • Increased household income
  • Improved overall health condition
  • Infrastructure development
  • Institutionalization of self-help groups (SHGs).

Sustainable Rural Livelihood Programme is a project towards community empowerment.  Most project beneficiaries and also the non-target group specially the women are now organized in different users groups (members in cooperatives, micro- credit, vegetable growers group, livestock raising groups, mothers groups are some example). More than 90% of project beneficiaries are continuing their

association with the respective groups and 100% of the beneficiaries of the project have their own community enterprise being used for both development and social activities. Organizing in different groups and participating in economic and social activities together by the rural communities has shown a strong sense of institution. The SRLP is very successful for the effective and optimum use of the available resources towards the benefit of rural poor and their development in general. It was done in sharing human, financial resources and information from the respective line agencies.

OAZOANE is having excellent training cum demonstration center in Rajendrapuram near Aranthangi. This MTC is organizing the following training programs on a regular basis.

   -   Nursery and Hollow Block.
  -  Fish Forming.
  -  Computer Sampurani.
   -  Candle Making.                                       
-  Agarpathi.
-  Soap Making.
-  Washing Neelam.
-  Phenoil.
 -  Basket Making.

Ready made Garment- Training and Production
In order to generate sustainable income generation and employment, OAZOANE has initiated number of steps. In this direction, a training and production activity on Readymade Garments has been started and providing technical training for the rural poor women in the project areas. The participants are getting regular income on a sustainable basis in these key activities.

Bakery Training and Production
Bakery training and production is one of the important economic activities started with the aim of employment generation and income generation on a sustainable income. Necessary training and skill have been imparted to the poor women who were enrolled in the Self Help Groups. They have attained adequate training and skill in bakery production and they have encouraged starting economic activities.