Beneficary of Old Age Home

M.Pushbhavalli Age : 64

Our Old Age Home at Rajendrapuram

When Pushbavalli was widowed she was left with absolutely nothing. Her husband’s family took the house, she had no money saved up, she had no children to support her, and she had never held a job in her life. Nobody would ready to take care of  her and she couldn’t go back her family because she would be considered a failure in her village. Rabia lived day by day in the road side and most of the time resorted to begging. Even though her name Pushbavalli means the god who gives food for the world, but she was unable to have atleast two meals a day.

In this situation, Pushbavalli came to know about Old Age Home at Rajendrapuram run by OAZOANE, she came to our office and met our Secretary and requested to provide her care and support for her as her health condition is not good now. Immediate action was taken by OAZOANE and she was taken to the Old Age Home and give proper care and support along with necessary medical alignments. Now she is running her life very peacefully and happily at the Old Age Home for Senior Citizens run by OZOANE.