What is Sponsorship?

It is a Privilege sponsorship which you get on every sponsor for us. The Sponsorship will keep ADDING on every unit of sponsor purchase and will be visible in your account as “Sponsorship to OAZOANE”.    

How Sponsorship count?

For every $500 Sponsor: the customer gets Sponsorship certificate and thereafter 1 certificate of super sponsor for every 100 unit sponsors.

What is Sponsor certificate?

When you sponsor often, you will be awarded with a Certificate to display proudly in your home or office!

Use of sponsor amount:

            Programmes of OAZOANE

            1.         Home for Aged,
            2.         Creche centre for Children
            3.         Skill support women, Etc.,
            4.         Education for children from primary to higher studies
            5.         Differently abled

Stream of the beneficiaries:

    • Women from the stream of poor most population
    • Children from very poor and unable to get educated because of financial issue
    • Seniors who are destitute
    • Disabled and differently abled people in the operational area